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THE Aventura (Adventure) CANOPY TOUR
This incredible tour is The most adrenaline filled activity in Monteverde. This exciting adventure consists of traversing from treetop to treetop with specialized climbing equipment over a horizontal cable that is connected between the treetops of the cloud forest. And on each tree there is a platform on which you make stops to enjoy the scenery of the forest canopy. The canopy tour offers 14 ziplines, (up to 1,960 ft long and 260 feet above ground) Also a rappel, two swinging bridges, and the famous Tarzan Swing which is an incredible adventure. The Aventura canopy tour offers tours at 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00am and 1:00 and 3:00pm every day of the year (pickup is about a half hour prior to the tour start time). Raingear is provided if needed. Rates are US$30.00 per student/children (bring your ID) and US$40.00 for adults. Transportation included free from and to your Monteverde hotel. We know that you will find that Adventure Canopy Tour is the most fun and the safest of any canopy tour in Costa Rica. Come and see for yourself!!

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Canopy tour monteverde
Aventura Canopy Tour Monteverde
The Hopkinson family, Americans living in San Jose hold the current world record for number of times on the tour. 3 times on the tour, with Jocelyn (13 years old) holding the solo world record for number of times on the Tarzan Swing with 6 (including two going backwards) They have been on five different canopy tours in Costa Rica and they all agree that Aventura is the best by far. We are sure you will agree as well!!
Transport is included in the tour for free.
Canopy free transport
Canopy tour instructions

The head guide provides an explanation of braking, the harness equipment, and proper safety procedures prior to starting. The first cable is short and slow in order to give everyone a chance to practice. All cables and platforms are checked daily prior to the first tour and maintenance is performed on a regular basis to ensure safety.

Aventura has a great group of experienced guides who are always with you during the tour ensuring your safety. If someone is scared to go, a guide will go with you strapped together so that you can see how fun and easy it is. Smaller children can also use this technique for a completely safe and fun experience. The guides are always happy and friendly and here you can see them showing the international symbol for love and peace.
Canopy tour guides
canopy tour zipline

Coming in for a landing after a long and very high cable.

The Rappel
rapell at aventura canopy tour
Tarzan swing platform Aventura canopy tour

This is the tower for the infamous "Tarzan Swing". Securely attached by mountain climbing ropes to your harness, you have to get up the nerve to fall off the tower (scary) and then you swing out over 100 feet. Once you have experienced it you will want to go again for sure.

Enjoying the swing!
swinging on the Tarzan Swing

When planning your trip to Costa Rica be sure to include a canopy tour. And we recommend waiting till you visit Monteverde to participate. Monteverde is where the canopy tour originated and we know that once you experience Aventura Canopy Tour you will agree that it is the best. The tour combines some of the longest and highest cables, as well as the extras such as the Rappel and the Tarzan Swing, all in a unique cloud forest setting. Also, we guarantee a high level of personal service and safety. Our tour is family owned and operated and the whole family (8 children and parents) participates in managing the tour on a daily basis. We strive to ensure that your visit is not only fun and enjoyable but very safe as well. We recommend that you contact us before your arrival to reserve a date and time. Some days are fully booked if you wait till you arrive in Monteverde to reserve your space, so by reserving early you can ensure the day and tour time that is best for you as well as free transportation. Simply send us a mail with the number of adults and students and we will email you a confirmed voucher ensuring your space. Include the name of your hotel (or if you do not have a hotel reservation yet we will ensure your space and then update your reservation later for transport when you have a hotel selected). Transport is included free in the tour, and we do not require a deposit or credit card info when reserving. Simply pay in cash, or MasterCard or Visa when checking in the day of the tour. We look forward to your visit and we know you will LOVE IT!! Click Here for Reservations and free transport

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