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Monteverde's famous Quetzal - Live cam of a Quetzal

Monteverde Conservation League - Dedicated to saving the cloud forest

The official site of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve - - Great site for the reserve showing maps, hours, history and trails

The Monteverde Institute - - a non-profit educational association administered by Monteverde residents. The institute promotes international study and research with educational and cultural opportunities for local Monteverde residents

Natural History of Monteverde - - Butterflies and plants of Monteverde by William haber

Cloud Forest School - - School and creative learning center in Monteverde

Friends of Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve - - Non-profit organization dedicated to preserve the biodiversity of the Monteverde Cloud Forest reserve - - Web site where you can buy Monteverde's fair trade coffee and have it shipped to you

Monteverde Friends School - - The Monteverde Friends School was founded over 50 years ago by Quakers who left the United States in search of a country and community that supported their peaceful principles.

The Monteverde Cheese Factory - - See how the original Quaker cheese factory looks today

Best Costa Rica Map!! - -Great price on best Costa Rica map or free PDF copy - must se

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