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Information on the best Monteverde hotels, cloud forest reserves and activities
Welcome to Monteverde Costa Rica Cloud Forest
Welcome to The Monteverde Costa Rica Cloud Forest
Monteverde is located in the Cordillera of Tilarán. This site offers you information on a variety of the best Monteverde Hotels and the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and Santa Elena Cloud Forest reserve and other activities in Monteverde.
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Aventura Canopy Tour
Aventura Canopy Tour
This incredible tour is the most fun thing to do in Monteverde. This wild and ...
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Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserves
Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserves
Monteverde’s 2 Cloud Forest Reserves ...
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Rainbow valley Lodge Monteverde
Rainbow Valley Lodge
 2 rooms plus new larger cabin sleeps 5, Rainbow Valley Lodge is set right on the edge of the forest, located 1/4 mile from the village of Santa Elena...
Telephone: (506) 2645-7015
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Monteverde Costa Rica Cloud Forest

The Monteverde Cloud Forest is located in the Cordillera of Tilarán. In Monteverde you will be able to experience a wide variety of activities and enjoy a part of Costa Rica which is unique and we think very special. We hope that when you are in the planning stages of your vacation that you will consider a stay here in Monteverde and that when you get here that you will have decided that you made the right decision to visit us. Our goal is to try to help you make the most out of your visit to our special part of Costa Rica... Monteverde! Selecting the best Monteverde hotel or lodge that meets your particular needs is usually the first step in planning your visit. Therefore we offer you information on a variety of the best Monteverde Hotels which allows you to select one that meets your budget and expectations of quality and amenities. In addition, most visitors to Monteverde have a limited amount of time to spend in the area and therefore having good information on the available options for attractions, and the two main Cloud Forest Reserves can help you make the most of your visit. We try to offer the most up to date information on most anything in Monteverde you would like to experience. Most importantly of course we are known for our two Cloud Forest reserves. However Monteverde offers many other unique and worthwhile attractions. Monteverde's elevation is approximately 1400 m. (4600 ft) above sea level.

Most visitors stay in Monteverde at least two nights in order to at a minimum, visit one or both of the Cloud Forest Reserves, enjoy the Canopy Tour, The Hanging Bridges and some of the many other attractions. There are many activities in Monteverde, and choosing what to do can be difficult! Here are some of the main attractions and information available for visitors.

  • Monteverde boasts two world famous Cloud Forest Reserves. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve with over 10 kilometers of trails, and the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve with over 12. The reserves are unique and offer the chance to see and hear a wide variety of bird and animal life as well as experiencing an incredible forest. Well maintained trails allow you to see the biodiversity and hundreds of varieties of plants and trees. Many of the plants and trees grow on or around a host plant or tree. Visiting a Cloud Forest Reserve is an experience we think you will remember for the rest of your life..

  • You can also visit the Children's Eternal Cloud Forest (Bosque Nuboso Eterno de Los Ninos) which offers a drier less dense forest.

  • Many other activities are available including the Serpentarium with many varieties of snakes, or the Frog Pond with exhibits of many amphibian species like the poison dart frog. Also coffee plantation tours (link to new page), night tours, the new Bat exhibit with live bats, the Insect exhibit, the Butterfly Garden, the Monteverde Cheese Factory tour, horseback riding or souvenir hunting. Click here for more tour info.

  • Most visitors have to experience a Canopy Tour and or combine this with a Hanging Bridges / Suspended Walkways tour. The Canopy tour is thrilling and this tour takes you through and above the cloud forest in a way you will never forget. Our recommended Canopy Tour is: Aventura Canopy Tour

  • For the Hanging Bridges/Suspended walkways tour we recommend Selvatura Park because the park is located next to the Santa Elena Reserve and offers the best forest and very secure bridges and well maintained trails. Also free transportation is offered in the entrance fee.

  • Take advantage off all services , tours, bank, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. All accommodations, just a few minutes away from the activities.

  • Visit our Monteverde Photo Gallery with photos taken by residents and visitors. Animals, plants, trees, insects, waterfalls, reserves, canopy tour.

  • Thinking about a Coffee Tour while in Costa Rica? The Monteverde region produces some of the best export quality coffee in Costa Rica. How about a coffee tour which showcases sustainable agriculture where you have the opportunity to visit a small grower using organic methods and learn how these farmers combine organic coffee farming with other types of fruits and vegetables that they use to feed their families? Visit the Monteverde Coffee Coop coffee tour.

  • View our Monteverde area map to get a better idea of where hotels and attractions are located.

  • Also living here we are interested in helping the community through charitable and support activities. You can view a couple of the projects we assisted in and our ongoing T-shirts for Ticos program where you can help local residents with limited resources.

  • If you would like to see what some other visitors have said about the assistance they have received through the website, please visit our Testimonials page

Monteverde Hotels

In Monteverde you will find a wide variety of hotel accommodations that are meant to meet the needs of all travelers. For a listing of the best variety of Monteverde Hotels just click here.

Economy hotel (US$ 20 - 40) Rainbow Valley Lodge

Claro de Luna - Monteverde
Sunkiss Hotel - Monteverde
Hotel El Bosque - Monteverde
Cabaņas Los Pinos- Los Pinos - Monteverde

Hotel Belmar - Monteverde
Hotel Montaņa Hotel Montana - Monteverde
Hotel El Establo - Monteverde
Hotel Heliconia - Monteverde
Trapp Family Lodge - Monteverde

See MORE HOTELS in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve area.

  • Monteverde is home to many artisans, painters, sculptors and makers of arts and crafts. Visit some of many art and craft galleries.

  • You can reach Monteverde by bus, rental vehicle, collective mini-van shuttles, private mini-van transport or if you are coming from or going to Arenal/La Fortuna before or after your visit to Monteverde and have no rental vehicle then your best bet is the Jeep Boat Jeep transfer which we offer at the lowest price of only $15.00 per person Click here for more information and reservations. If you have any questions about transport anywhere in Costa Rica send us a mail for a personalized response:

  • Monteverde is also home to many musicians, some permanent and some visiting. There is an annual International Music Festival . Many restaurants and cafes also offer musical entertainment such as our favorites, Moon Shiva Restaurant, or Kaffa art café located above the Pharmacy Monteverde just down the hill from the supermarket in Santa Elena.

  • Fine dining is available throughout Monteverde, and in addition there are many local Costa Rican style restaurants offering Casados or home cooked meals with a variety of items and very economical.

  • Where to stay in Monteverde? There are many Monteverde Hotels, from economical with shared bath up to high end elegant lodges and cabins.

  • is designed to help you make the most out your visit to Monteverde. Hopefully you will find information that can help make your stay enjoyable. Any questions whatsoever please send us an email:

Monteverde Tours

Aventura Canopy Tour

Aventura Canopy Tour:

Aventura Canopy Tour is one of the most popular activities in Monteverde and is a great way to experience the cloud forest. You will be able to fly through the treetops on 16 zip lines (the longest 1,960 ft. and 260 ft. high). You will experience a rappel, and the famous "Tarzan Swing" which is the thrill of a lifetime. Tours are offered everyday at 8:00 , 9:30 , and 11:00AM , and 1:00 and 3:00PM . Transportation is included to/from your hotel in Monteverde. More info here: Aventura Canopy Tour


Hiking in the Cloud Forest:

Hiking in the Cloud Forest is a favorite of all nature lovers and Monteverde offers various trails and reserves including: The Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve and The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Between the two reserves there are over 20 km of trails whereby you will have the opportunity to bird watch with experienced naturalist guides or venture out on your own to discover the beauty of the cloud forest. Tours usually start early in the morning around 7:00 am although they are available later as well. More info here Monteverde Cloud Forest reserves or Guided tours in the Reserves.

Hiking in the Cloud Forest
Horseback riding

Horseback riding:

Horseback riding is another very popular activity in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. You can enjoy local tours on horseback which last approximately 2½ hours. Tours can be customized to suit your own needs or desires. No experience is required as the horses are very well trained and have lots of experience. You are sure to have a wonderful time. Tour times are flexible in an effort to meet the needs of your schedule.



We also offer private transportation throughout the country and to/from Monteverde Hotels. Anything is possible, just let us know where you need to be and when. Transportation to and from Monteverde and other Costa Rican destinations.


Monteverde Cloud Forest - Facts & History

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in Costa Rica is located in the cordillera of Tilarán on the Costa Rican side of the Continental Divide. The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is very unique in that it is situated on BOTH the Pacific and Atlantic slopes of the Continental Divide.

On the Caribbean side, the cloud forest begins at an elevation of about 1,300 meters. It peaks at the top of the Cerro Amigos Mountain at 1,842 meters and then reaches down the Pacific slope to around 1,500 meters.

Trees grow from 30 to 40 meters high. The trees which are located at high elevations in Monteverde are stunted by the exposure to constant winds. They grow to heights of 5 to 10 meters, forming an elfin cloud forest where the legendary "golden toad" once lived. Sadly, the golden toad has not been spotted since 1987 as is believed to be extinct.

Monteverde's Cloud Forest has thousands of species of plants, of which there are around 800 species of epiphytes (plants that grow on other plants), including 450 kinds of orchids. Trees are covered with mosses, bromeliads, and ferns creating a green collage which is why locals gave it the name " Green Mountain ".

There are more than 425 species of birds, thousands of species of insects, and innumerable plants, reptiles and mammals, including jaguars, tapirs, agoutis, coatis, toucans, sloths, howler monkeys, poison dart frogs, tarantulas, and the famous resplendent quetzal.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve: Settled by North American Quakers in the early 1950's, the mountain dairy community of Monteverde has become a veritable ecotourism Mecca due to the presence of the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve (a private reserve owned and operated by the Tropical Science Center ).

Established in 1972, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve protects the habitat for one of the world's most handsomely plumaged birds -- the Resplendent Quetzal. Noted for their shimmering green and red colors and the elongated tail of the adult males, quetzals are seasonally abundant in the reserve and surrounding areas (December through August). Additionally, many other bird and mammal species can also be seen with relative ease throughout the year including: the Emerald Toucanet, Collared Redstart, Blue-crowned Motmot, Black Guan, Hoffmann's Two-toed Sloth, Kinkajou, and half a dozen or more species of dazzling hummingbirds. However, the chance to walk through this enchanted, mist-enshrouded environment and admire the epiphyte-laden vegetation of the cloud forest is worth the visit alone.

A diverse and well-maintained trail system allows visitors to explore a small percentage of the reserve's total 11,000 ha. without feeling crowded.

The hummingbird show at the Hummingbird Gallery (on the left just before the reserve parking lot) is free and nothing short of amazing. At least six species can be seen in a ten or fifteen minute viewing span on any day of the year, but you can easily find yourself lingering a lot longer as these feathered fireballs zip back and forth between the feeders and frequently hover just inches away from you.

Getting here: From San José , (capitol city of Costa Rica ) take the PanAmerican Highway west for nearly 150 km. until the turnoff for Monteverde, on the right just after the bridge for the Rio Aranjuez (restaurant Cuenca) Follow the signs to Santa Elena and Monteverde.

Approximately 4 hours drive from San José , the last 90 minutes or so over gravel road are dusty in the dry season (December through April) and can be muddy in the wet season. Most car rental companies will insist that you take a 4x4 if you are going to visit Monteverde and other off road locations in Costa Rica . For transport from or to La Fortuna and Arenal use the fun and economical Jeep Boat Jeep option (link

Climate: Monteverde residents refer to three seasons: dry, wet, and misty. The misty season (mid-November through February) is actually the first half of the dry season in Costa Rica and is characterized by wind-driven clouds that bathe the forest, and frequently the community, in mists as they are blown across the ridge top from the Atlantic side of the country. A poncho is definitely recommended during this portion of the year, while an umbrella should do fine for the afternoon rains that typically fall from May through November. Sweaters will handle the evening chill on almost any night of the year. Daytime temperatures vary with cloud cover and wind conditions, so layers are the best suggestion, but on a calm, sunny day shorts and shirt sleeves would be suitable.

History: Looking for an alternative to the increasingly militaristic U.S. society, a group of 44 Quakers from Fairhope , Alabama pulled up stakes in 1950 and came to Costa Rica -- a nation which had taken the bold measure of abolishing its armed forces two years earlier in 1948. After visiting a number of highland areas the length of the country (climates unaffected by many of the more troublesome tropical diseases that were still a problem in the lowlands at the time), the group decided to settle in Monteverde and purchased 3,000 acres of land near the top of the ridge overlooking the Gulf of Nicoya below. To support themselves with something more than mere subsistence farming, they formed a cooperative cheese factory to take advantage of the excellent natural conditions for dairy farming, but nearly impossible conditions for transporting fresh milk to the San José market. Today, Monteverde cheese is renowned throughout Costa Rica and is also exported.

Santa Elena Reserve: In response to the growing numbers of visitors to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, this reserve was created in the early 1990's, just a few kilometers to the northwest along the same mountain chain. The cloud forest habitat that it protects is quite similar to that found at the neighboring reserve, as is the associated wildlife, including Resplendent Quetzals. (link to new reserves.htm page)

One unique possibility at the Santa Elena Reserve, if the clouds permit, is to view Arenal Volcano (most active volcano in Costa Rica ). Even though the volcano is some 20 kilometers distant from the view points, it is still an imposing spectacle.

We hope that you find this web site useful in providing you with information regarding Monteverde Hotels, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, and Costa Rica .

This website is located in Santa Elena, Monteverde , Costa Rica . All content is copyrighted. If you have any questions please let us know. Our email address is Phone (506) 2645-7015.

We would be glad to help you on anything we can regarding Monteverde Hotels, The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and Costa Rica .
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